On-Site Auctions

An excellent option when downsizing a residence or liquidating an estate or business. Held on location at the property, it often includes the real estate.


  • Items sold in their natural setting may stimulate interest.
  • Eliminate cost of packing and transportation to auction facility.
  • Ability to offer everything from garden hoses to cars.
  • Yard and directional signs typically attract new bidders.


  • Removal and disposal of non saleable items prior to auction.
  • Preparation of all items for auction.
  • Staging of property to display items to best advantage.
  • De-cluttering and staging of real estate when part of the auction.
  • Set up of auction including tents, tables, stage, and podium.
  • Food concession by professional food service.
  • Full staff compliment day of auction.
  • Computerized cashier.

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